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Parking made easy!

ALMO App finds you parking in the city with the help of other drivers...

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... and ALMO Chip detects when you're leaving and informs other drivers of the upcoming parking spot.

ALMO is the quickest way to find parking

ALMO not only finds you already available parking spots, but also parking that will be cleared in 60 seconds so you can snap it up before someone else does!

ALMO remembers where you parked

Forgotten where you've parked? ALMO's " Find-My-Car" guides you to where you last parked.

Concerned about the environment? Join our Connected Cars Community!

We have set ourselves the goal of making our cities more liveable, while respecting each individual's freedom. That's why we want to reduce city congestion by helping drivers find parking quickly. In order to achieve this goal, we need you and your friends to join our Connected cars Community and accelerate sustainable mobility in Europe

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