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Relaxed on holiday by car.

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Have a relaxed trip and save time and money with ALMO. Simply arrive and enjoy your holiday.

A holiday without car stress


Never look for your car

Find your car if you forget where it is. ALMO automatically saves your last parking spot. It shows you easy directions to your car. Lets you share parking space location with friends and family.

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Avoid fines and overpayment 

Shows you when your parked your car. Automatically reminds you to start and stop the parking payment process and connects you to your favorite parking payment app.


Save time with ALMO 

Shows you the fastest way to your destination. Takes into account the current traffic situation. It is fully voice-enabled and offers state-of-the-art destination search functions.

1. Download ALMO for free

2. Pair the app with the Bluetooth of your car (Only for Android users - Learn more)

Ready to start in 2 steps

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You use iOS or don't have car Bluetooth?


No worries. Just order the ALMOdot, our small Bluetooth transmitter for your car. Get it at a special discount and go relaxed on holiday.