How to install your ALMOdot 

STEP 1: Prepare your ALMOdot

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Open your ALMOdot by unscrewing it. Switch it on by pressing the button. A blue light briefly appears to indicate it has been switched on. Afterwards, you can screw the ALMOdot back together.

STEP 2: Get the ALMO App

Download the app.

google play
app store

STEP 3:Mount your ALMOdot in your car

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Mount your ALMOdot in the car. It is best to use the included adhesive foil to place the ALMOdot safely in your car. 

STEP 4: Connect your ALMOdot

In the app, click on "My car" and wait briefly until your ALMOdot appears in the list. Then click on "pair" next to your ALMOdot and that's it! Your ALMOdot is connected to your app and you're ready to go.

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