Connect your car radio to your mobile phone

Great features with Bluetooth:

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  • Navigation 

  • 60 seconds parking space forecast

  • Real-time parking detection

  • Find my car

  • Parking fee payment reminder

  • Travel statistics

In your car

  • Making and receiving calls hands-free

  • Listen to music from your smartphone 

  • GPS voice based navigation with your car radio

  • Hands-free use of your voice recognition service


How to connect car radio and smartphone

  1. Start the Bluetooth transmission on your phone. You can usually find this under "Settings - Connections".

  2. Switch on the Bluetooth connection on your car radio.

  3. Your smartphone should now recognize the radio after a short scan. Confirm and pair the devices.

  4. If necessary, a security code may have to be created and repeated on the other device.

Great! Now you can use all ALMO features

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You have no car Bluetooth or are an iOS user?

To find parking spaces, receive payment reminders and use the Find My Car function, simply order our ALMOdot at a special price.
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