Frequently asked questions


What is ALMO?

ALMO is your sustainable driving companion. ALMO offers you all the advantages of a modern navigation app and takes you quickly to your destination. It is also the fastest way to find a parking space, and with Find My Car ALMO even remembers where you parked. And finally, ALMO helps you avoid overpayments and parking tickets.

How does ALMO work?

ALMO consists of a mobile app and a small hardware device: ALMOdot. You put the ALMOdot in your car and it automatically reports a free parking space when you give one to other ALMO drivers nearby. With the help of the ALMO app you can find free parking spaces at your destination.

I want to join - what do I need to do?

You download the ALMO app to your smartphone and can test it for a limited time free of charge. To use all ALMO functions you need the ALMOdot. The ALMOdot is a tiny piece of hardware that you simply attach to your car. You can buy it here.

Can I join for free?

You can test some functions of the ALMO App without ALMOdot for a limited time for free. To enjoy the full functionality of ALMO, we recommend that you buy an ALMOdot already during the trial period.

I couldn´t find the costs after the trial period - how much does ALMO & ALMOdot cost after?

You can test the app for a limited time without ALMOdot to find parking spaces in Munich - free of charge and without obligation. If you want to join the ALMO community right away, you can also buy an ALMOdot and enjoy all ALMO features for another three months. After that you can still decide whether you want to buy the affordable Premium Package for 4.99 euros per month. You have to actively decide for it, otherwise your Premium Membership ends automatically after the start of the test phase and no costs are incurred.

Unfortunately, it is not clear to me from the terms and conditions whether I have concluded a contract that will be charged after 30 days.

There is no contract. The use of the app is completely free of charge and without obligation for at least 30 days. If you like our service, you can then order an ALMOdot and drive for another 3 months free of charge. Only after that we intend to take a user fee of 4,99€ per month. But we will inform our users in advance and there is also the possibility to use our basic package.

Why can´t I download the app to my android phone?

The ALMO app requires that you have at least Android 6.0 running on your Android phone and that your phone has certain sensors. These sensors are usually not available on very cheap Android devices. If your phone does not meet these requirements, you will not find the ALMO app in the Google Play Store. To help you, you can also tell us the model number of your phone. You can find this number under Settings -> Options -> Device information -> Model number.


But don't you create an incentive to go by car?

We already know before you leave how high the probability is for you to find a parking space and inform you about it. If the probability of finding a parking space is low, it is best to look for an alternative to your car right away.

Why do you protect the environment with Almo?

Mit ALMO schonen wir die Umwelt, weil wir den blinden Parksuchverkehr eliminieren können. Das macht momentan 30% des gesamten Verkehrs und damit auch 30% der Emissionen in den Städten aus.

Find my car

What do I need to do to use the "Find my car" feature?

To use the Find My Car function, you need the ALMOdot.
If you have an Android smartphone and your car has a Bluetooth handsfree, you can use the Find My Car function without ALMOdot. After each parking process your parking position is automatically saved and can be displayed in the app if needed.

Find my car doesn´t work on my phone. What do I need to do?

You use ALMO app with ALMOdot, or you have an Android smartphone and use ALMO app with your car Bluetooth, and your last parking position is not displayed correctly in the app? There can be several reasons for this.
See some tips below.
The ALMO app was not able to determine your parking position In urban areas with tall buildings, as well as in parking garages, the position can often only be roughly determined. However, you can check your parking position in the app after each parking process and adjust it if necessary. The parking process was not registered The parking process can only be registered if ALMOdot is active (or Auto Bluetooth on Android for ALMO) and the ALMO app on your smartphone is running at least in the background and the Bluetooth of your smartphone is active. The ALMO app must be connected to the ALMOdot. You can check this in the main menu of the app. If your smartphone has a very low battery level and is running in energy saving mode, the ALMO app will not run in the background. Make sure that your smartphone always has at least 30% battery power.

Parking spot

How does the fast parking spot finder work?

We network vehicles of all ages to form a Connected Cars Community. To do this, we use the ALMOdot, which can be installed anywhere in the car and connects to the smartphone app via Bluetooth. When a user of the app parks his car, we recognize this and share the free parking space with all other ALMO users. Our solution is so smart that it even detects when you approach your car. This allows us to display the parking process about 60 seconds in advance. So only our users know when another user is clearing a parking space. This reduces the blind traffic searching for a parking space.

Empty parking spots are not being displayed although they are there.

The app does not show every free parking space on the street. But that is not our goal either. If one of our users finds a free parking space without the help of the ALMO app, it can of course be used. Our app comes to the rescue if a user cannot find a parking space. The app shows where in the immediate vicinity a parking space has recently been vacated or will be vacated in a few minutes.

I am constantly getting displayed "parking active" - how come?

Maybe you didn't put your ALMOdot in your car? If it is lying on your bike or at your home or even hanging on your key ring, you will receive erroneous messages - and other ALMO users will be reported wrong parking spaces. We will detect these cases in the near future and switch off your ALMOdot automatically. So please leave your ALMOdot in your car to avoid this.


What is the ALMO Chip

The ALMO chip is a small piece of hardware, the predecessor of the ALMOdot. It was replaced by ALMOdot, which can do much more and has a battery life of more than 1 year.

What is the ALMOdot exactly?

The ALMOdot is a small piece of hardware that connects to the smartphone via Bluetooth and is placed somewhere in the car. The battery in the ALMOdot lasts over 1 year.

Where do I need to place the ALMOdot in my car?

You can install the ALMO chip anywhere in your car. It is best to place it on the centre console, as reception is best there. Every ALMOdot has an adhesive film for easy attachment.

I can pair the ALMOdot only with one phone but I am sharing my car with multiple people. The ALMOdot cannot be paired with multiple phones though.

It is currently not possible to couple an ALMOdot with two different mobile phones. However, it is a very helpful feature that we will offer in the future.

Data protection

I am concerned about how my personal data is being used when I am using the ALMOdot.

We are convinced that data protection is important. Therefore, we only collect personal data from you, for example, if it is absolutely necessary. We do not collect license plates at all. We never combine your GPS mobility data with other data about you. Therefore your data is safe with us. Of course we work 100% conform to the basic data protection regulation.

Payment reminder

How does the parking payment reminder work?

ALMO automatically detects when you park and unpark. Every time you park or leave your car, the app sends you a message to start or stop the parking payment process. This way you avoid overpayments or parking tickets. Of course you can also switch off the notifications in the APP.

Does the parking payment reminder work together with "Handyparken München"?

Yes - If you tap on the app's parking payment reminder and have the Handyparken München app on your smartphone, you will automatically be taken to the Handyparken app. There you can start and stop your payment process.

How do I see when I parked the car?

When you park, the app will send you a message with the arrival time. Alternatively, you can use the "Find My Car" function to see the arrival time. Just click on your last parking space.

Does the app have to run in the foreground for the payment reminder to work?

No - The app only needs to be started once, but can run in the background.

How much do people overpay on parking in Germany?

Germans pay about 4.4 billion euros too much in parking fees per year - that is about 98 euros per car driver per year.