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Smartphone App displays free parking spaces

Many Car-Sharing cars have one big advantage: customers can park them in all parking license areas without having to pay extra. But there is also a disadvantage: users first have to find a free parking space.

Smartphone-App soll freie Parkplätze anzeigen

Viele Carsharing-Autos haben einen großen Vorteil: Die Kunden dürfen sie in allen Parklizenzgebieten abstellen, ohne dafür extra zahlen zu müssen. Doch auch einen Nachteil gibt es: Die Nutzer müssen erst einmal einen freien Parkplatz finden. 

Fight against the search for parking space

The app "ALMO" wants to reduce the amount of turning around in the streets. For this purpose, a pilot test in the Gärtnerplatz district is planned.

Put an end to stressful parking lot search!

The daily search for a parking space in our cities costs nerves, time and causes unnecessary extra trips across the streets. Often one loses precious minutes in the car just to find a single parking space.

This will save you time when looking for a parking space

It takes a lot of time and is simply annoying: The search for a parking space with us in Munich. Two people from Munich, on the other hand, have now come up with something and developed a free parking app. With it you can find a parking space faster!

Altermobili: Find a parking space faster with app and chip

The Munich Mobility start-up Altermobili wants to reduce the traffic searching for parking. The founders are not alone in the market with this idea. However, the startup knows via their battery-powered 'Plug & Play' hardware and app that a parking space is available before the car leaves the gap.

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