Smart City Solutions for more liveable and attractive cities

Smart City Goals 

Increase the quality of life by reducing unnecessary parking search traffic and emissions

Increase the economic attractiveness by increasing transport efficiency

 Achieve climate goals

Improve planning reliability by generating traffic, parking and usage data

Increase efficiency of city administration through real-time data and digitalization of its parking space

Our solutions

Smart Parking 

Finding on-street parking spaces costs drivers more than 41 hours each year and generates 41 billion euros in unnecessary costs. ALMO shows drivers parking spots 1-2 minutes before they become available. This saves drivers time and money while protecting the environment.

Climate Protection

Each car driver produces in average 2 tons of CO2 per year. ALMO drivers can measure their CO2 emissions and compensate them directly via the app. CO2 neutral driving is possible.

Citizen Services

AlterMobili offers solutions for electronic residential parking permits and short-term parking permits. This is how cities can reduce both administrative and parking enforcement cost. Citizens benefit not only from electronic parking permits, but also from finding parking faster.

Intermodal transport services

With its intermodal routing solutions including public transportation combined with travel by car, AlterMobili offers commuters alternatives to travel by car only. This reduces inner-city traffic while maintaining easy access to cities. 

Smart Data 

AlterMobili collects GDPR-compliant mobility data, both in real-time and over longer periods of time. Cities can visualize the data in dashboards and use it for traffic control and planning purposes. This enables cities to control and optimize traffic flows and construction projects in a data-driven manner.

Our competitive advantage

No infrastructure necessary

Integration of multiple, including 3rd party, data sources to create more parking inventory

Traffic control by creating

user cohorts (e.g. delivery traffic)

for preferential service access

(e.g. parking space search)

Traffic reduction through long-term, short-term prediction (1-2 min) and real-time detection of free parking spaces

CO2 compensation through driver specific in-app CO2 computation and compensation.

Addressing 100% of all vehicles in traffic



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