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Optimize your whole driving behaviour. Not just single trips

The better driving companion

The core of our solution is the ALMO App. You simply connect it to the Bluetooth of your car to collect trip-specific data. (Use ALMOdot if you don't have Bluetooth, see below)


Our goal is to help you save time and money and at the same time drive greener. Our navigation and parking search will lead you quickly to your destination. If you forgot where you parked your car, we will help you find it again. Our payment reminder protects you from overpayments or parking tickets.


To help you achieve your goal of driving more sustainably, we show you your driving behaviour in your personal dashboard. Together with our recommendations, you can decide how green you want to drive.


For more relaxed driving and more livable cities.




Shows you the fastest way to your destination. Takes into account the current traffic situation and the probability of finding a parking space at your destination. It is fully voice-enabled and offers state-of-the-art destination search functions.


60 seconds parking prediction

Displays parking spaces 60 seconds before they clear. Currently only available in Munich.

Real-time parking detection

Real-time parking recognition. A time stamp shows how long the parking space has been available. Currently only available in Munich.


Find my car

Automatically records your last parking location. Find your car if you forget where it is. Shows you easy directions to your car. Let's you share your parking location with friends and family.

Parking payment reminder

Automatically reminds you to start and stop the parking payment process and connects you to your favorite parking payment app.


My Driving

Tracks your personal driving statistics, anonymously on your smartphone. Shows time, kilometers and CO2 emissions. Tracks real-time data and history. Calculates trends for day, week, month and year. Let’s you offset your CO2 footprint. 

How do we use your data?

We are convinced that data protection is important. Therefore, we only collect personal data from you, if it is absolutely necessary. We do not collect license plates at all. We never combine your mobility data with other data about you. Therefore your data is safe with us. Of course, we work 100% in accordance with the general data protection regulation (GDPR).

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What is an ALMOdot?

To use all ALMO functions (Parking, Parking fee reminder, Find My Car, etc.), our app needs to connect to the Bluetooth of your car. If you don't have Bluetooth or are an iOS user, you need to order an ALMOdot. You can then install it somewhere in your car and connect it to our app. This enables a Bluetooth connection to your car.

If you are an Android user and your car has a Bluetooth connection, you do not need ALMOdot. The app will automatically connect to your car.


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